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Bardolino's first gin

Lacus Bardolino Dry Gin is elaborated with London Dry technique and contains 11 typical botanicals typical of this area of Lake Garda: herbs, fruits and flowers easily recognizable when walking around town and the surroundings hills. These botanicals, carefully selected and balanced give this spirit a mediterrancharacter: intriguing smell, seducing when tasting and long aftertaste. this spirit gives you a dry sensation but always evolving every second. Never too rough in spite of its 46 degrees in alcohol.

It fits perfectly in a G&T paired with a mediterranean or dry tonic, and its versatility allows the preparation of majestic cocktails such as the classics Negroni and Martini, among them all.

We discussed about how the choice of the eleven botanicals was made based on what our land offers us in the south-eastern part of Lake Garda. Let’s see now in detail how these botanicals are managed and distilled.

Is there one way only to produce gin? Of course not. We are about to enter a deep complex world made of many different techniques from the most ancient to the modern ones. The guidelines leave much room for free interpretation but everything is made following a base rule: the presence of juniper.

There is however a kind of gin that requires a more detailed and rigorous process: the famousLondon Dry GinThe geographical denomination doesn’t mean it has to be produced only in London, in fact it can be produced everywhere in the world. It is connected to historical facts when, back in the days, gin distilled with this technique became popular in that city taking place of the more sweet “Old Tom” gins, popular at that time.

There are many gins on the market that don’t have the “London Dry” denomination but meet high standards of quality, and we ourselves have had the chance, several times with pleasure, to prove. Our Lacus, however, is as a matter of fact a London Dry Gin. This means that all the botanicals of our recipe are distilled together in a discontinuous copper still and the juniper has to be dominant, without any other correction after distillation such as adding flavours, extra aromas or similar (apart from the addition of water in order to reach the desired alcoholic percentage).


Lacus Dry Gin is distilled in Pesaro by Distilleria Mezzanotte: Distilleria Mezzanottea young small distillery capable to realize extremely high quality products, with an anti-waste philosophy and favouring the Made in Italy. The still they use, Percival, is a German made alembic from the Müller family, almost 100 years of experience manufacturing distillation gear. Discontinuous, made of copper and with different sections where the vapour can condense and evaporate again, this still can extract the most and the best essential oils even from the most delicate botanicals. Looking at it in action is a true wonder!

Its name comes from a knight of the Round Table who was able to find the Holy Grail thanks to its pure heart. Exactly the heart of the distillation process is the part we are the most interested in. It is where the extraction of the aromas happens at its best and our master distiller has made an excellent job keeping it safe from the “heads” and “tails”: two parts of the process (beginning and end) where the most volatile parts of the mash and undesired flavours come out of the still, obtaining eventually a crystal clear and full of flavour liquid.

To whom our gin is addressed? It would be too easy to say “to everybody”. Lacus wants to please those who enjoy aromatic gins, with a full and captivating perfume. It is dry, but not excessively. The botanicals we chose have been carefully balanced in order to follow each other gently when tasted, in a full background of juniper. It is not addressed to everybody, but for sure it is to those who like gin!






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