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Handcrafted on the shores of Garda Lake

Handcrafted on the shores of Garda Lake

Aromas, perfumes, tastes of Bardolino. These are the factors that inspired the creation of Lacus Dry Gin. Through a careful selection of botanicals characteristic of the eastern shore of Lake Garda, and an even more careful balance of the ingredients in the recipe this distillate literally brings us around the town’s alleys.

The microclimate provided by the lake grants this area an incredible variety of officinal plants, flowers and fruits typical both of maritime and mountain environments. This is a key element for us: we have the opportunity to draw from a significant amount of botanicals and play with their characteristics, yet aware of having a fully local product.

The result is a London Dry style gin with Mediterranean character, fresh and fragrant. At the nose stand out herbal and floral aromas and at the palate is dry and confident thanks to the juniper taking the stage, with a very good persistence.

About us

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Maicol and María, creators of Lacus Dry Gin and owners of the homonymous bar “LACUS bubbles&gin” in the very town centre of Bardolino (VR).  Lacus Dry Gin came reality because of our passion over gin developed in these last years.

In our bar we face the gin topic very seriously: with a wide selection of artisanal products and small distilleries we try to invite patrons to the G&T ritual, and for the cocktail lovers we offer a range of concoctions based on gin, thoroughly perfected with many nuances of flavour. The idea to have our own gin, basically, came by itself, we just jumped on the train!

London Dry Gin

Distilled with London Dry technique, eleven typical botanicals of Bardolino and surroundings have been combined together. The alembic used by the distillery is a discontinuous copper still of 230lt, “Percival”, an absolute beauty that in the wise hands of our master distiller is capable to extract the best aromas of the botanicals of our recipe.

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